Sunday, February 26, 2006

Last Year

My first post to this blog is a summary of what vegetables I grew in my garden last year and how sucessfull I was with them. I was sure I kept the seed packets from last year but I can't find them now so variety names are a little thin on the ground.
  • Leeks - These were a great success and the last few are still in the ground.
  • Potatoes - These were ok. I didn't plant that many, infact I seem to recall that I only transplanted plants that popped up in the flower border that had previously had potatoes in them.
  • Onions "Turbo" - Not great. I suspect because they went in the ground too late and I think they might have suffered from lack of water and possibly feeding.
  • Salad Onions "Ishikura" - These did better than the 'big' onions. I staggered sowing so as not to be overwhelmed.
  • Runner Beans "Red Rum" - These did well this year because I sowed beans into pots inside before planting them outside.
  • Lettuces - Tried these for the first time from a request by Michelle who loves her lettuce. I didn't thin out well enough. One thing I did notice is that I planted the lettuces along side a row of rocket plants and while the rocket leaves got a great deal of attention from pests the lettuces did not.
  • Carrots - They did ok early on but I think I may have been a bit aggressive on thinning out because I only ended up with few at the end.


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