Sunday, April 09, 2006

Front Garden Activity: Where's Your Pruning Saw?

You always have to start worrying when M. asks for the pruning saw...

Shortly after we moved into the house we planted a couple of Phormiums with a Hebe between them on the right hand side of the front garden. Last year we had to remove one of the Phormiums to allow access for the builders doing our extension out back. This exposed the Hebe and it has looked very straggly since then. The Phormiums have done very well over the years drawfing the Hebe so today the Hebe was chopped right back, but the rain came before I could finish the job by digging out the roots.

As a side note, the builders had unceremoniously pulled it out the Phormium with their digger and left it on the grassy part of the front garden. We thought it would be shame just to loose it so I dragged it to the back garden, found a bare patch and popped it in the ground with generous handfulls of Blood Fish & Bone. We gave it a chance, and it would seem that it has paid off because it seem to be be surviving.


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