Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What To Grow?

It's the time of year when I need to start thinking about what vegetables to grow this year.

Over the last few years I have been growing a few vegetables in my garden but not in a specific vegetable patch, rather I have been using the flower borders. But this year I intend to expand the border I used last year into a specific vegetable patch. This will involve digging over some lawn area and laying paving around the back for access and to move the vegetables away from the fence/hedge where they suffer from lack of water.

I want to do leeks again as they seem to do well and you can leave them in the ground over winter and pull them as you need them.

I'll do runner beans again, the kids like them and they provide height.

Along with large onions and salad onions, I am going to give shallots a try.

My dad has suggested parsnips so I'll give these a try along with carrots again.

As I think of other vegetables I'll jot them down here.

These French Beans (The Prince) look like they could be good and the whole family like French beans.


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